Shrekfest is an annual festival celebrating all things Shrek.


Some of the events at the original Shrekfest included:

  • Onion eating contest
  • Costume contest
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Onion throwing contest
  • Smash mouth cover band
  • Face painting
  • Mud wrestling
  • Onion peeling contest
  • Belching contest
  • Shrek rap (By local band "Check yourself before you Shrek yourself")

The first Shrekfest was held July 21, 2014.  Due to logistical problems relating to permits it was moved from Eken park to Demetral and reduced from the original 5 days to just 1. Sponsors for Shrekfest include Zimbrick Honda, Essen Haus and Blain's Farm and Fleet.