If you're marked as an administrator for a region you'll see a "Settings" tab up in the top tabs.

What can you do in "Settings"?

  • add and remove other administrators
  • ban users from the region
  • lock an entry
  • alter the geographic area for the region
  • change the language of the region

Adding more admins

Under settings there is a list of current admins for the region. Click the button for "edit admins" to add or remove admins. You will use a person's username to add them, so make sure that whoever you want to add as an admin has a user account.

Locking a page

You can set up a page to be only editable by a certain group of people.  Just click "Edit" on the page, then click the "Security" button:

Then you can select from two options -- either set the page to be editable by all users (the default), or by a set of users.

Once you enter a set of usernames in the box, just those users will be able to edit the page (and its associated map and files)