Most people who want an API key will want it to perform automated edits and data imports. Similar to OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, we require that you explain what you plan to do with your API key before we approve it.  It's a really simple and (usually) quick process --

  1. Test your data import / automated edit script.
  2. Make sure you have the legal right to import said data into LocalWiki.  All material on LocalWiki will ultimately be released under a CC-By license. Non-freely-licensed commercial data almost always cannot be imported into LocalWiki, but there are some exceptions. Almost all open data can be freely imported into LocalWiki.
  3. Post on this page (just click "Edit"):
    1. A description of what you plan to do with your API key below.
    2. An email address for us to send your API key to.
    3. An active LocalWiki username you would like your API edits to come from.
  4. Anyone in the LocalWiki community will now be able to view and provide feedback on your proposed import or automated edit.  After people have had a chance to weigh in, your application status will be updated.  If you don't want to do anything crazy, expect your application to be approved fairly quickly.

Using the API key

To use the API key, simply add an Authorization HTTP header containing the "Token <your key>" with your requests, e.g.:

Authorization: Token 9944b09199c62bcf9418ad846dd0e4bbdfc6ee4b

API key for testing

We hope to eventually set up an API testbed for testing API writing for folks who don't have the ability or time to set up a development environment prior to running their imports / scripts.

Applications for API keys:

Example API key application

I've obtained a freely-licensed (public domain) dataset of photographs and lat/lon locations of all of the temples in Bali, Indonesia and would like to import them each into LocalWiki.  The data was obtained from the UN 2012 survey of Bali and can be found here.  I plan on creating a page for each temple (there are around 10,000), adding the images to the pages, and tagging each page with the tag "temple."  The import will exclusively happen in the /bali/ LocalWiki region.

Username: BaliTempleBot

Email: [email protected]

SF Planning Department Development Pipeline Building Projects

I would like to do a quarterly import of data from on building projects in the development pipeline. The script will create stub pages with basic information tables for each project. These will serve as a point of launch for the community to collect news, information about neighborhood groups that support or oppose projects, and provide a place for citizens to see the pipeline on a map using LocalWiki maps.

Username: PipelineBot

Email: [email protected]

Request for API Key for LocalWiki Cincinnati

We are sourcing data from a variety of known good sources (open data gov Cincinnati primarily), and would like the option to be able to create and populate pages about places and entities in the area once we have vetted the data.

Username: Srose

Email: [email protected]

API Key Request for MapJam Project

My team is creating a project that would automate the process for inputting and updating pages providing information on sharing services in the Tampa Bay area ( We just started the project, but we will be developing the process over the coming year (updates are forthcoming). Please contact us for additional information.

Username: joeblankenship1

Email: [email protected]

API Key Request for Open Oakland Project

Our team would like to present entries from the section in a different mobile format.
Usernames: domletckingbailey
Email: [email protected][email protected]