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Become an admin / Remove an admin / Step down from your adminship

Every region has at least one volunteer local administrator who helps ensure that the Community Guidelines are being followed in that region. It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that the community guidelines are being followed, but local admins can help. This entry is about the process of becoming an admin, removing an admin, and stepping down from your adminship.

Becoming an admin

Criteria for becoming an admin

  • Admins must be able to carry out the responsibilities of an admin in the expected turnaround time, which is 24-48 hours.

  • Admins must agree to act in good faith when carrying out admin responsibilities.

  • [Live in the region?]

How can someone become a local admin?

  • People who start a region are automatically the local admins of their region.
  • If you did not start your region, you can request to become a local admin through your region's Help Desk.

What's the process for adding admins to a region?

  • Any user (including an existing admin) can call for volunteers who might want to be additional admins on the help desk, or a person who wants to be an admin can ask to be added.

  • The person who volunteers to be an admin should post saying

Can I ask to become an admin for a temporary period of time?

  • Sure, put how long you'd like to try being an admin for when you ask to be an admin.

Removing an admin

Are you having problems with your admin?

Reasons for removing an admin

  • They are not fulfilling their responsibilities
  • They are not fulfilling their responsibilities in a timely manner
  • They are abusing their position
  • [They have completed their term and have not stepped down after being reminded.]

Removal process


Stepping down from your role

Sorry to see you go!

Removal process



  • Since this whole process is pretty new for us, we'd love any feedback you'd like to give. Please send feedback to Vicky <vicky at localwiki dotorg>.