You can easily keep track of changes to LocalWiki areas, pages and users you're interested in!

Following a LocalWiki region

To follow a region, just click on the star icon  on the region's Front Page.

Following a page

To follow a page, just click on the star icon when viewing the page.

Following a user

To follow a user, just click on the star icon  when viewing the user's page.

..then what happens?

When you follow a page, you'll get email notifications when the page is edited.  You'll also see edits to the page in your main news feed when you log in.

When you follow a region, you'll see all of the changes made within that LocalWiki region in your news feed.

When you follow a user, you'll see some of that user's activity -- like when they create a new page, a new region, or follow someone new.

Everyone is automatically set to follow their own user page, so if you edit someone's page they should get a notification.

If you'd like to stop following, just un-click the star.