About Fox Tucson Theatre


The Fox Tucson Theatre, dubbed “The Crown Jewel of Downtown” is located at 17 W Congress Street in Tucson, Arizona and opened on April 11, 1930. When it was first built by Nicholas Diamos in 1929 it was originally called “The Tower.”  The Tower was so successful that over 3,000 tickets were sold on Opening night, April 11th.  It was confirmed the biggest party the small community of Tucson had ever put on.  There were dancing, four live bands, free trolley rides downtown, and a live radio broadcast of the event. The Fox theatre served as the heart of Tucson’s entertainment for more than 40 years.

Due to competition for new theaters and the decline of downtown shopping, the Fox unfortunately closed in 1974.  Following 25 years of the Fox being completely emptied and abandoned, some thought its condition was beyond repair.  There was extensive water damage and significant vandalism that kept the building dark and vacant all of those years.  It wasn’t until the Tucson Theatre Foundation was able to purchase the building in 1999 for a total of $250,000, that the theatre undergone renovation.  After a lot of hard work and a $14 million investment to rehabilitate the theater, the Fox reopened on New Year’s Eve in 2006. The impact this theater has made on downtown Tucson, and Southern Arizona as a whole, has been an enormous success.




What to do at Fox Tucson Theatre


The Fox Tucson Theatre is a place of entertainment ranging from music performances to holiday films. It allows visitors to have a place to relax, have fun and enjoy productions. The Fox Tucson Theatre is located in Downtown Tucson which enables people to walk around, eat and enjoy the beautiful Tucson weather. 

How to support Fox Tucson Theatre

Your support for the Fox Tucson Theatre allows the entertainment to continue. By supporting this foundation, it allows the Fox Tucson Theatre to keep the lights on, the doors open and the entertainment to never stop. The support that you can give this theatre is not only tax-deductable but also contributes valuable benefits to the purchaser. The donation also helps with the renewal of the Southern Arizona’s entity, Fox Tucson Theatre.


Buy-A- Seat Info

This theatre allows people to purchase a seat with the cost between $500 and $1,000 with the addition of permanently having the purchasers name on the seat.. The restored seating is meant to look like the original seating. If you are interested in purchasing a seat, please contact Craig Sumberg at [email protected]


Sidewalk Stars


Have you ever wished to have a Hollywood Star? Well here is an opportunity that you cannot pass up. Our Sidewalk Stars allow people to purchase a star and have their name permanently on the sidewalk in front of the Fox Tucson Theatre. If you are interested in purchasing a Sidewalk Star please contact Craig Sumberg at [email protected]


Get Involved:


The theatre has over 150 shows and volunteering for events and performances is fun and easy. As people enter the theatre, the usher’s job is to navigate visitors to their seats from the front door to make their visit enjoyable. The responsibilities that usher’s hold are greeting at the door, checking tickets and directing people to their seats and other areas such as the restroom or concession.


College Internships

The Fox Tucson Theatre gives students the opportunity to learn about what goes into productions and performances. Especially for students who are majoring in theatre, music, film etc., get to experience action they’ve never experienced before. The hours for this internship are very flexible, although students must be reliable and have an ongoing excitement for this opportunity.

 If you are interested in these opportunities you can contact [email protected] tor call 520-547-3040

Upcoming events





The Bad Plus Joshua Redman

Dec 4 2015 @8:00pm


Southwest Soul Circuit End of the Year Gala

Dec 5 [email protected]:00pm


MIX FM’S 16th Annual &Final Diaper Bank Holiday Spectacular

 Dec 6 2015 @ 2:00pm


The Ten Tenors| Home for the Holidays

Dec 8 2015 @7:30pm


Dwight Yoakam

Dec 9 2015 @7:30pm


Jackie Evancho

Dec 10 2015 @7:30 pm


Christmas with The Rat Pack

Dec 11 2015 @ 7:30pm


The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks! Tour

Dec 14 2015 @7:30pm


LeAnn Rimes Today is Christmas Tour

Dec 16 2015 @7:30pm


Merry-Achi Christmas

Dec 17 2015 @7:30pm


Sister’s Christmas Catechism

Dec 19 2015 @7:30pm


The Polar Express

Dec 21 2015 @2:00pm and Dec 22 2015 @6:30pm


It’s a Wonderful Life

Dec 21 2015 @6:30pm and Dec 22 @2:00pm


How to purchase tickets:

There are three ways to purchase tickets

online on the Fox Tucson Theatre website

calling 520-547-3040

stopping by the Box Office  



Contact information

Theatre & Box Office Address:

17 West Congress Street

Tucson, AZ 85701

(520) 547-3040


Box Office Hours:

Summer Hours: Tuesday-Friday — 12:00 pm – 5:00pm


Weekends & Mondays: Open Only on Show Nights — 2 Hours Prior to Each Performance’s Posted Start Time. The Box Office closes after the show’s intermission.


Will Call Tickets can be picked up anytime the Box Office is open.


Fox Tucson Theatre Business Office:

30 North Church Avenue

Tucson, Arizona 85701



Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation

P.O. Box 1008, Tucson, AZ 85702

Phone:  (520) 624-1515

References http://www.foxtucson.com