You may want to make a list of your community's neighborhoods, libraries, taco trucks, murals, good locations to find mushrooms, etc.! Here's a great example of a very nice list.

This is the best way to make a list (using neighborhoods as an example):

  1. Create an entry for a neighborhood
  2. After you create the entry, the site will ask "would you like to make a map?" Use the polygon tool to draw the outlines of the neighborhood.
  3. When you save the map, click the name of the entry to return to the entry.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and add the tag "neighborhood" to the entry.
  5. Repeat until you've done as many neighborhoods as you like (it's not a race, they will eventually get filled in, so no need to stress).
  6. Create an entry called "Neighborhoods." When editing that entry, click the green puzzle piece icon and choose "list of tagged pages." It will have a little dialogue box pop up and in that box enter "neighborhood." When you save, every page that's tagged neighborhood will be displayed on that entry and any new entries that you tag "neighborhood" will automatically get added to the list. Additionally, if there are any maps associated with the entries you are listing, they will all get put on a map together, so this is how you end up with a map of all the neighborhoods.


Here in Portland, there are many neighborhoods that are subcategories of five "quadrants."  I think the way this would work with tags is if there is a way to add tags together.  So for instance, if I want to make a list of neighborhoods, it wouldn't make any sense to just pull everything from the neighborhood tag, because the neighborhoods wouldn't be separated into quadrants.  But if I could pull neighborhoods+downtown, neighborhoods+southeast, etc., that would work well.  I can think of other instances where this would be useful, too. -Angel

I would definitely support this request.  In the case of Adelaide Hills LocalWiki, we have about 50+ medium to small townships and would use the above system to separate into townships and then the respective catagories.  - TonyFinnis

I would call this "boolean tags" you can use and/or operators when including a list of tags, like this: "neighborhood AND NW Quadrant." I've added this suggestion to the tag enhancements entry on the LocalWiki Bugs & Feature Requests list. I've also added a link to the Bugs & Feature Requests entry on /main for easier access. - mk30

Writing to also make this request. It would be incredibly helpful to generate lists from "boolean tag" combinations. - Christine Egger (member of the Neighborhood Economics team supporting LocalWiki use in Cincinnati OH, Asheville NC, and Lehigh Valley PA)