This page is for discussion about the current LocalWiki Privacy Policy.

My only comment is that we may want to broaden the definition of "LocalWiki personnel" under "LocalWiki personnel may have access to User Information.."  Namely, in our case some vetted volunteers may have access to servers, etc.  I propose we change "personnel" to "personnel and a small number of vetted volunteers". --Philip

  • As the creator of the Historic Saranac Lake wiki, there have been many situations in which it would have been hugely useful to be able to contact a contributor.  It sounds like your "small number of vetted volunteers" opens the door a crack-- are you thinking of volunteers out in the individual projects, or only at LocalWiki central? -- Marc Wanner
    • RE: Contacting people -- right now, you can contact a contributor by editing their user page (which will prompt an email notification), or by finding their contact info on their user page if they provide it (e.g. see mine here).  There's actually no more contact information aside from that on the back end (e.g. someone with access to a server can find their email, but that's the same email that gets the notification email).
      • Good to know, Philip, thanks!  --Marc
    • There's a bit of information on global, LocalWiki-wide admins over here (in contrast to individual LocalWiki admins), though they can only do the items listed there (e.g. permanently delete stuff in the event of something like a social security number being posted; or generate an API key). There's also a couple of people with access to the backend servers, and they would have access (in theory) to information like the encrypted passwords associated with accounts -- that's what the language here about vetted volunteers is referring to.  I hope that makes sense!  -Philip

In section 6.1: "small number of vetted volunteer", the last word should be "volunteers".  Also, I assume the license itself is CC-BY?  I'm thinking of using it on another wiki farm. --BrentLaabs

Great catch, thanks!  You can feel free to use the license text as CC-BY with attribution made out to LocalWiki.  I also release the content under CC0, as attribution could be distracting in a semi-legal document.  --PhilipNeustrom