Symantha Hennlein attends Stevenson University for Computer Information Systems to further her education in computer skills for my future government job. Symantha recently graduated from Harford Community College with high honors and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. While at community college she acquired multiple photography certificated.  She currently has three jobs working as an office coordinator for a Mary Kay National Sales Director, a promotional model for Spearhead Marketing, and owns an Etsy shop with her sister, McKenzie. Symantha hope to get a government job working for the NSA or the Department of Defense. When she is not working, Symantha enjoys many different pastimes. She enjoys hiking, crafts, reading, photography, knitting, and volunteer work. She has logged thousands of volunteer hours in the past 8 years. She has volunteered with many different organizations such as: Relay for Life, Barks for Life, The Sharing Table, Lutheran Church of the Good Sheppard’s Vacation Bible School, Homeless Connect, and Race for the Cure. Symantha recently went on a trip with Stevenson University to New Orleans, Louisiana to install a computer lab at Saint Mary’s Academy. While in New Orleans the class not only installed one computer lab, but two computers labs and a science lab. Symantha and her class painted offices and organized storage closets. She thoroughly enjoys giving back to her community. She hopes that her future job will allow her to have a direct impact on her surrounding community.