Congratulations - you've just started out with LocalWiki in your community! Now what? If you're not sure what to create entries about first, here are some ideas.

1.Create an entry for your neighborhood (or pick another neighborhood, like "Downtown").
2.Make an entry for your favorite place in your city.
3.Walk around your community with a phone or camera and take pictures of the things you see. You can take pictures of landmarks, parks, or even just the neighborhood itself. When you get home, create entries for the things you took pictures of. (If you're not sure what some of the things are, search online and try to find out.)

Extra Credit

Don't forget to create a map and add tags for entries. (for example, "neighborhood" is a good tag.)

Not excited by any of these ideas? Check out a list of unique and creative entries from across LocalWiki for inspiration.


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