The University of Wisconsin Whitewater provides services for all students, staff, and faculty within the Whitewater community. In collaboration with the center of students with disabilities and other organizations on campus, UW-W strives to provide services and an equal learning environment for all students, in accordance with Title II and Title IX.


Physical Health Services


Sports and Recreation

Located in the Kachel Fieldhouse, in the Williams Center, the office of recreational sports and facilities provides space for NCAA, club, and intramural sports, as well as spirit programs, warhawk aquatics, warhawk fitness, and wheelchair athletics. The aim of this office is to create space for physical recreation and leisure activities for all members of the campus, in hopes of improving physical well being and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The facilities in the Williams Center are the: weight room, aquatic center, racquetball court, field house, dance studios, and various sized classrooms.

For facility reservations please contact the Office of Recreation and Sports at: (262)-472-1544.

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Health and Wellness

Located at the corner of Prairie St. and Starin Rd. the Ambrose Health Center provides low- and no-cost health services to university students. Staffed by licensed professionals and student interns, the health center provides services such as: lab tests, immunizations, medication refill requests, physicals, allergy injections, and more.

To schedule appointments please call: (262) 472-1300

Also located in the Ambrose Health Center is massage therapy. Provided at a reduced cost, massage therapy is available for all faculty, staff and students to promote healthy body functioning and to relieve stress by a trained massage therapist.

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University Police

Placed on campus for the safety of the community, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Campus Police’s office is located in Goodhue Hall. Campus police provide services such as: emergency information/procedures, sample emergency broadcasts, current newsletters, alcohol diversion program, alcohol and other drug resources, Campus Service Officer application, community education services, fingerprinting and notary services, online property form, shots fired program, special events and late night. Campus police are lead by Chief of Police Matt Kiederlen who can be reached at (262)-472-4660 or email at [email protected].

In case of emergency please dial 9-1-1

Non-emergency number: 262-472-4660

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Emotional Wellness Services



Located above the Health Clinic, the counseling center provides free mental health counseling for students. Counselors strive to create a safe environment, conducive to open and honest communication. With the aim promote “life-long learning and wellness” counselors addressed many topics including: depression, body image, low self-esteem, alcohol/drug abuse, suicidal ideation, anxiety issues, family, friend/roommate/dating concerns, grief and loss, time management, sexual assault/abuse, among other issues. Services provided to address concerns include but are not limited to: individual counseling (limited to fourteen sessions per semester), group counseling, couples counseling, consultations with staff, referrals to community agencies and UNET, crisis intervention, and practicum training site. Emergency services are also provided, such as same day appointments, for students seeking immediate attention (suicidal thoughts, alcohol/other drug abuse, physical/sexual assault, etc.).

To schedule appointments, please call: (262)-472-1305

Additional Resources:

  • 24 hour crisis line: 1-800-365-1587

  • Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255)

  • Sexual assault crisis line: 262-472-1060

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Educational Services


Center for Students with Disabilities

Located in Andersen Hall, the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) provides services and resources for all members of the Whitewater community including, students, staff, and faculty. Serving students with diverse needs, faculty not only provide services and accommodations for students, but assist in fostering positive working relationships between students and staff to allow "equal opportunity to participa[tion] in all aspects of the educational experience." Mandated services are provided and vary from advocacy and liaison to in-class aide, along with assistive and adaptive technology, all to ensure student success. Non-mandated services are provided as well, but may come at an additional cost. Additionally, resources for students and staff are available to ease the transition into college..

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Andersen Library

Founded in 1951, the Harold Andersen Library is a resource valued by students, staff, and faculty alike. Providing a wide array of services and resources, Andersen Library is home to over 1 million items. Members are able to rent books, videos, games, music, equipment, and much more through the circulation desk or request assistance at the reference desk. In addition, study rooms, tables, chairs, and computers provide ample space throughout all three floors for studying alone or in groups.

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