If you're just starting out using LocalWiki, you might want to know about these features:

  • Activity: One of the tabs under the site name is "Activity." This shows all the changes across the site in reverse chronological order. This allows you to see what other people are working on and allows others to see what you're working on. In many communities, people like to check the Activity pretty frequently to see what others are working on and jump in to add more information - it helps drive collaboration and makes things fun! This is why Activity is one of the best things to show people when you're showing them how to use the site.
  • Tags: Every entry can have an unlimited number of tags. Tags tell you what categories go with the entry, so the entry for "Dolores Park" might have the tags for "park," "mission," and "outdoors." Tags also allow you to create lists of things.
  • Lists: You can include within an entry a list of things with a certain tag (e.g. a list of all the pages tagged "park"). Instructions are here.
  • Maps: Every entry can have a map. Map points also get included when you include a list of pages tagged. Here's an example. This entry will help you with map features.

There's more information about all the features of the site on the Help entry.