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What do local admins do and and what can they help you with?

Every region has at least one volunteer local administrator who helps ensure that the community guidelines are being followed in that region. It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that the community guidelines are being followed, but local admins can help when there's a problem that is difficult to resolve.

What is expected of a local admin?

  • Respond to problems as they appear by fulfilling the following admin duties:

    • Banning problem users

    • Locking entries that are in edit wars

    • Creating additional admins

    • Setting the language of that region

  • Respond in a timely fashion. Admins must try to respond within 24-48 hours. If you are an admin and you won’t be available to do this, please notify others on the help page (4/14: not yet implemented!), and if possible, find a substitute.

  • Not abuse the position under any circumstance. For problems with your local admin, please visit this guide.

What kinds of problems can admins not help with?

  • Removing content that violates the community guidelines or content that you find objectionable. Because everyone can edit an entry, you can and should edit the entry and remove the content yourself. It's helpful to leave a note in the comment that explains why you removed a piece of content so that other people who see the changes to the entry understand why something was removed. [Is this true of illegal content that will need immediate removal, or trolling that may be too intimidating for some folks to revert?]
  • Correcting incorrect information. Because everyone can edit an entry, please go ahead and correct information that you know is incorrect.

How do admins decide what to do when one of these problems come up?