You've started a LocalWiki and are now faced with the great, vast, blank emptiness of a brand new LocalWiki.

How cool is that?!

If you haven't done so, read the Starting a LocalWiki guide to get a general outline of the project.

After reading the guide, here's a good way to get some ideas:

  • Browse interesting entries from other LocalWikis.
  • Browse the Davis Wiki. It has been around since 2004 and is really good.
  • Make a page that is a list of "Pages that should exist". Here's an example from Chattanooga, and here are some ideas for things to add to this list:
    • What makes your town unique? Browse interesting and fun entries from across the network. List things that are interesting & unique about your town.
    • What made you interested in starting a LocalWiki? List the things that you hope to use it for.
    • Brainstorm with friends. Ask your friends what kinds of things they think people should know more about in your city. Add those to the list.
    • What are the kinds of things you always tell people about your town? Whether it's city hall trivia or who makes the most delicious local food, think of the things you're always telling people about your community and add those to the list.
  • Start writing entries: Once you've made the list, start writing about whatever seems most interesting or whatever seems easiest. If you've written something large like "all the public art in our city", add to it piece by piece, making entries for each piece of public art, one at a time. You might find it helpful to make lists with tags.
  • Share what you create with friends: You're writing about things that you think people will be interested in or should know about. When you make an entry (or a handful of entries), send them to your friends!

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