These guidelines are here to help us get along and work together! They are also here to let us know what's "in bounds" and "out of bounds" on LocalWiki. Please contribute to this ongoing discussion in the Questions and Comments section below!

DO :]

Do use LocalWiki to:

Of course, Dos and Don'ts are an ongoing discussion. Please scroll down to the Questions and Comments section to provide your input.
By Patian, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Share Local knowledge. LocalWiki is a celebration of all things local. Let it rain!
  • Celebrate everybody's knowledge. Everyone knows something about their community. There is no piece of local knowledge too small, and LocalWiki is big enough for all of it. The more people who contribute to their LocalWiki, the more representative and nuanced a picture the wiki will paint of your community.
  • Find and post useful, interesting information. If someone is looking for something, we should try and help them find it! Got tips? Inside information? Add it to the wiki!
  • Look beyond the "official story". LocalWiki is about including multiple points of view, unique points of view, colloquial knowledge, ideas for how things could be, personal narratives and histories, questions, notes, and experiments.
  • Celebrate things in our community in a non-commercial way. We should all celebrate the history, hard work and accomplishments of each other and ourselves, and do so in a way that is non-commercial in nature.


  • Do not use LocalWiki as a vehicle for commercial promotion or gain. Businesses are always free to contribute to articles, respond to questions and comments, and help maintain pages about their business. Pages about businesses should serve to inform and teach the community as a whole, and should not be used for commercial gain. Promotional language, and promotional material without any other value (e.g. it's not historical, newsworthy or otherwise interesting) is generally not ok on pages about businesses and will be reverted.
  • Do not post content that is not compatible with our CC-BY license. LocalWiki uses the CC-BY license, which means that all content on LocalWiki is available for re-use so long as it's attributed to LocalWiki. This means that you should not post content that is not available for distribution under this or a compatible license, unless you are given the express permission of the copyright holder. Learn more in Copyrights.
  • Do not use LocalWiki for the purpose of being malicious towards a person, place, or object. Mean people suck and will be promptly banned.

  • Do not use LocalWiki to support illegal activity. We do not support communities that exist to support illegal activities such as child pornography, drug smuggling, terrorism, etc.

If you see something that conflicts with these guidelines

If you see something that conflicts with these guidelines, please edit the entry to remove the offending content. It can be helpful to add a comment to your edit indicating why the content was removed (you can even add a link to this entry). You may even alert a local administrator to remove the content for you, or to block users who repeatedly break our community guidelines.

If you want to do something that conflicts with these guidelines

If you want to do something that conflicts with these guidelines, LocalWiki is not the place to do it. If you do post content that's against our guidelines, it will be removed and you may get blocked.

Questions and Comments

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