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Hello, these are more like requests than asks for help I guess, global admins, can you please move:

URL: ottawaon -> ottawa, name: Ottawa in Ontario -> simply Ottawa

Name: Calgary, AB -> simply Calgary (AB is redundant)

And could you delete the duplicate region edmontonab, we already have edmonton. Thanks. — EzekielT, 19:55, 15 March 2019 (ET)

  • Done.  I have deleted OttowaON and Edmonton AB (after deleting some spam that was their only content) and renamed, but the AB took a while to vanish.  --MWanner

hello, can I create a region for my own city, or would you like me to create a region in the county that it is in (both do not have entrys yet)


  • Better to create a city region. --MWanner

How do you suggest a region to be deleted, because it is duplicate or spam?

  • Mention it here.