Manzanar internment camp was an internment camp in Manzanar, California, where from 1942 to 1943 or later, Japanese-Americans in Los Angeles, such as Takejiro Kusayanagi's family and Sadagoro Hoshizaki's family, were interned.(1)(2:118-120)  Capacity was 10,000 people.(1:118)

Manzanar was first constructed as a reception facility by the Western Command.(2:118)

The advance party of Japanese internees dug up wasteland, built roads, built barracks, and brought their families over when their homes were ready.(2:119)

The perimeter of the camp was surrounded by iron fences, and the watchtowers were guarded day and night.(2:119)

In the camps, each person was given a job, paid a wage, and was given food and clothing.(2:119)

Daily routines were decided by the assembly, and recreational activities such as cooking classes, performances, go, shogi, and Noh songs were actively held.(2:120)


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