There are a variety of places to get groceries in town. 

  • Coles & IGA are the two Big Box grocers in town.
    • Coles offers some organic products. 
    • IGA offers somewhat more local produce. 
  • Essence of Organics is a 2-aisle store that also operates The Spice Girls.  The book section tends toward woo, but the store has fantastic produce and a wide variety of natural foods. 
  • Pacific Halal Store sells some food and is also a restaurant.
  • Some stores in town will have a box of 1-2 kinds of produce for sale.
  • The 1-2x/monthly Saturday market is not to be missed!

If you happen to be in Cairns on a weekend, check out Rusty's Market (a huge farmer's market).


There are also several butchers in town. 

  • There is one in the Coles shopping complex,
  • and another next to Essence of Organics. 
  • There is also a seafood butcher in the IGA shopping complex.