The Australian Football League is an 18 team ball sport that plays from April until September every year. The AFL Grand Final is traditionally the most attended game of the season, with great glory being bestowed upon the winners.

The AFL dominates sport reporting over these months, and is a popular water cooler topic of conversation. As with all good sports, a healthy dislike of footy is also an acceptable attitude.

Previously known as the Victorian Football League until the introduction of interstate teams, the first being Sydney in 1982, the most recent being The Gold Coast Suns in 2011.


Adelaide Crows - one of the South Australian teams

Brisbane Lions - one of the Queensland teams.

Carlton Blues - A team popular with white collar criminals and the over reaching mafioso heads.

Collingwood Magpies - a team popularly known to be popular with a more blue collar criminal, but the working class in general. Was the first team to have a progressive attitude towards queer supporters early, if only at the club level, not the team level, with the founding of the Pink Pies which had institutional support. Lead my Eddie McGuire, the team people either love or loath.

Essendon Bombers - had an unfortunate run with sports drugs over the last few years, have not let go of the protagonist.

Fremantle Dockers - one of the Western Australian teams.

Geelong Cats - from the city of Geelong. Strong over the last decade. Was the team that "God" played for, or so they say - Gary Ablett, and his son, Gary Ablett. I never saw Snr play, but there's no denying Jnr is a sublime football player. The team that most opposing supporters detest the most because of the notable arrogance of the whole team in general.

Gold Coast Suns - one of the Queensland teams. SHIT.

Greater Western Sydney Giants - one of the NSW teams.

Hawthorn Hawks -  Widely considered as the greatest team of the modern era and greatly respected by other teams and supporters.

Melbourne Demons - haven't had a decent season in almost a decade. Team favoured by doctors and lawyers.

North Melbourne Kangaroos - working class team. Works hard for middle placing most years. Can be a bit stodgy. Author's team of choice.

Port Adelaide - one of the South Australian teams

Richmond Tigers - Tiges. The most likely "second team" of any supporter.

St Kilda Saints - A bit poncy, really, aren't they.

Sydney Swans - one of the NSW teams.

West Coast Eagles - one of the Western Australian teams.

Western Bulldogs - formerly known as the Footscray Bulldogs, these dogs are the perpetual underdogs. Next most likely "second team" after the Tiges. People have a soft spot for them.