Calder Park Raceway is a motor racing venue about thirty kilometres north west of Melbourne city.

During the global uprisings of 1968 and 2011, Guns and Roses played shows at Calder Park that have gone down in Melbourne's history as two of the strangest shows ever played in this town. Jimi Hendricks opened for the '68 show and basically blew the Gunners off the stage. It was a little embarrassing for all involved, although the crowd was enraptured.

During the 2011 tour, the show was opened by Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Kanye was arrested for being brown skinned, which caused the younger in the crowd to get antsy - shouting loudly, they quickly bought the fences down. Suddenly realising that the ex Beatle on his own had no relevance to their lives at all, the balance of the crowd decided to pelt him with prosthetic legs, meat pies and shouts of "who the fuck are you anyway, mate?" The crowd whipped itself into a frenzy - now lacking meat pies, they had consumed the sauce on it's own - and were legless. Guns and Roses came on stage to see what would have been, effectively, an excellent opening or closing scene for a zombie apocalypse film. They fled immediately, but their helicopter back to the city had been torn apart and eaten by the roaming Kanye fans, forcing them to hitch with Maud from down the street. Maud lectured them the whole way about drugs, sheep, Tony Abbott being a c*nt and people with loose morals, although she had packed them a hamper with scones and tea.

Quietly the event organiser was disappointed - he had been waiting to see Kanye and McCartney do a live version of Ebony and Ivory since he'd heard about the pairing.