Melbourne. What a town.

The Dart Riots - The international Dart competition in early 2015 held at Etihad Stadium, descended into chaos with chairs and tables being thrown by members of the crowd, citing "boredom" as the reason for the riotous behaviour. It was actually an Unseen Art performance.

Hook Turns - When turning right across traffic in the CBD, Melbournians do as their ancestors did - they do a hook turn.

The Hot Flood - One of Melbourne's greatest meteorological attractions. Randomly scattered through the year, usually in the late spring, early summer or early autumn, Melbourne will experience a day of extreme heat - 35° or above, and then at about 4pm the temperature will drop to a relatively freeze - between 15 and 20 - and a rain, sometimes with golf ball sized hail, will start, dropping 5cm in about 25 minutes. Trains stop, rivers flow down the streets of the CBD. Great photos are shared on social media. It is considered as spectacular as the lightening storms of the African interior. Rarely, you will be lucky enough to experience this as the end point of a week of days that are above 35°, ensuring that large portions of the inner city workers develop colds. Alternatively, although somewhat more frequently, the heat returns within hours and it feels like Queensland.

The Montague Street Bridge - a supernatural structure in the suburb of South Melbourne. Regularly visited by illiterate truck drivers, around peak hour.