Andy Griffiths

Author of excellent books for children. Usually pretty gross ("The Day My Bum Went Psycho"), always lots of fun. Most Melbourne kids have read one.

Barry Humphries

Long lost to Melbourne, we will still claim him as our own. Performer.

Edward Cole

A Melbourne legend that went a long way to defining the type of city it became. Poor immigrant with little formal education, he read a great deal, eventually opening a small book store in town, that grew into Cole's Book Arcade at 299 Bourke St. He is the author of Cole's Funny Picture Book, and is the original unseen artist.

Father Bob Maguire

An Australian Catholic priest, he seems like the last sane voice in that antiquated institution. Quick of wit, an excellent orator, many wish he'd run for the Queen's job. This is Melbourne's hardest working volunteer.

Stella Young

Comedian, journalist and disability advocate. Set us straight when were off course, a great teacher and leader.

Waleed Aly/Nazeem Hussain/Leigh Sales

Melbourne's honorary media trinity, often believed to be the same person. This is factually incorrect, but understandable. The trinity is an Appropriated Associate of Unseen Art, individual membership is Unknown.