Befitting a town with such an active music scene, Melbourne is and has been home to some of Australia's best music labels.

Au Go Go - Melbourne's premier records store for a short while, and record label run by Bruce Milne (The Tote). Rock, indie rock, grunge. Was the label that released international acts like Sonic Youth and Big Black in the early 1990s locally.

Chapter Records - originally from Perth, relocating at the peak of the Indie ascendancy in the mid 1990s, run by Guy Blackman (Minimum Chips, Sleepy Township, The Cannanes). Largely indie and psychpop style bands.

Missing Link Records - similar in style and era to Au Go Go.

Obese Records - Hip hop from the burbs. The kids love this shit.

Psy-Harmonics - an electronic label started by Ollie Olsen (Third Eye, Antediluvian Rocking Horse)