The State Library of Victoria is a safe haven for many. Rarely visited by Pinks, it's a generally quiet space.

It is home to a number of galleries - there are two up in the Dome Gallery which are statically themed - "Mirror of the world: books and ideas" and "The changing ace of Victoria" - with a rotating collection of exhibits from within the collections of the SLV. There is also a viewing balcony at the top of the dome.

There is the Blue Rotunda near the Cowan Gallery on floor 1.5 (yes, there's a stop to Hogwarts in there) and the Keith Murdoch Gallery on the first floor near the Swanston St entrance.

The La Trobe Reading Room beneath the dome is quite spectacular in a Hogwarts way (old, white, monied; a life without dirt or crime, apart from the antiquated looking, red, green and black covered, parliamentary proceedings and Commonwealth debate books, of course. Maybe that is why people like to set thrillers in libraries. It is a dislocation).

There is also a chess room. Very important in a Library, the chess room.