Lindsey Cherek is a local artist and activist based in the Menomonie, WI area. Along with being an activist, she is a Feminist artist. She uses many different mediums to convey her message and those mediums include zines, paintings, and, most recently, wheat paste street art. She uses her voice and art to fight for basic human rights for everyone. She brings cissexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism and many other problems in today’s society to light though her feminist-based art. Her activist art is displayed right here in Menomonie, WI and many other places across the U.S. One of her most recent projects, which is in wheat paste street art form, is displayed on the south outside wall of the local business Stacked Eatery on Broadway here in Menomonie, WI. 

Lindsey paints to create a dialog around the human experience, especially of marginalized individuals. As a queer woman and feminist herself, she is interested in intersectionality in all aspects of her work. She wants to bring light the honest of our bodies and the ways in which they are represented in society. She uses her voice and the voices of others to bring the issues she fights for to light. One of her most recent projects is using the voices of others and one of the main pieces is the one that is displayed on the side wall of Stacked Eatery. It reads “Women of color matter. Queer women matter.”

It is Lindsey’s dream to be able to continue to make works of art that represent those who consistently face oppression in all spaces and spread messages of empowerment and love in a public setting. She wants and needs her art to reach a broader audience and she needs her audience to know that despite personal and political struggles – “their existence plays a role in the liberation of brown, queer, trans, disabled America.”