There are two primary recycling sites around Menomonie, the Menomonie Solid Waste as well as the Dunn Co. Transfer Station.  

The Menomonie Solid Waste site also has composted leaves and one of wood chips that you can pick up for use in your yard or garden.  Please read rules and regulations on their page.

Reduce your food waste

Instead of throwing out vegetable scraps, save them in a ziplock in the freezer and boil them down into a broth! 


Most of us practice recycling in our homes..but what about composting?? Did you know that on average, America throws away over 38 million tons of food a year!? We can reduce this number significantly by composting. This not only reduces the number of trash bags in landfills, but you can use it as fertilizer or a soil amendment!  Composting is also an awesome way to reduce your trash output!

There is as yet no municipal composting, other than the composted leaves. You can compost your food waste by setting up a compost pile in your yard and using the finished compost to fertilize your garden. 

 If you are interested in having municipal compost you should talk to your city council and county board representatives.

Recycling Electronics

There are a variety of places you can take old electronics to be recycled.