What do you know about Slow Food Club?

International Club’s Beliefs:


·       Believe that delicious nutrition is a right for everyday life

·       Cultivate joyful connections to community and place

·       Advocate for diversity in ecosystems and societies


·       Protect natural resources for future generations

·       Help people and the environment depend on each other

·       Promote food that is local, seasonal, and sustainably grown


·       Build local cooperation and global collaboration while respecting all laws

·       Require no prerequisite or credential for participation

·       Fight for dignity of labor from field to fork


UW-Stout Chapter

This group is dedicated to educating students about genetically and biologically diverse food and socially positive food practices.  They are working to collaborate with different food systems on campus including the Quantity Food Production lab, the UW-Sprout garden, the Niche and the local farmers markets to get fresh food to students and educate them about the food.  Slow Food is also trying to create raised garden beds close to Harvey Hall to further help students and staff learn and be immersed in food that is native to the area.

Slow Food has hosted events where students plant native plants, learn about traditional foods from different cultures, learn to make traditional pastas, visited local food producers, learning about their processes, along with many more activities.

Their goals are to grow and implement the Slow Food International morals and goals in the community here on UW-Stout’s campus.