With vegan and  vegetarianism ever increasing it can be a challenge to locate plant-based options in the Midwest. These are some of the locations around Menomonie that offer meat and meat product free foods. Zanzibar offers a menu with tofu options on their stir-fry dishes. Hang's Cuisine located on 9th St. also has a vegetarian ph. The Raw Deal, a coffee shop right on the main drag as you enter Menomonie, serves fair trade coffee and a wide variety of raw, organic, and vegan foods. Acoustic Cafe also offers a multitude of plant-based options. Menomonie Market Food Co-op serves burritos and baked goods for breakfast, a salad bar and hot table with vegetarian and gluten free options for lunch.  The Waterfront Bar & Grill has a black bean burger, that they will sub onto any other burger as well as a portobello mushroom burger.   Although many of their salads have meats, they are willing to exclude the meat and use spring mix which is a rarity.

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