This page is intended to be a place for  community members to share their favorite walks here and in Dunn County with others. Please add your favorite walk to the page so others can learn about great places to go for walks in our community!

Junction Trail

by Don Roberts:

This trail is well groomed and accommodates "handicapped" people (I am "on a cane");  thus I have to be extremely careful,  especially in Winter.  The Junction Trail is cared for year around and is highly recommended. This segment of the Red Cedar Trail starts just North of Highway 29, the so-called Junction Trail. Get to Broadway/Highway 25 and Highway 29,  and then proceed West on 29 across the bridge and on to the Red Cedar Trail Visitors Center (on the left) and make a hard right into the parking lot.  The Junction Trail takes off just to the North of the parking lot and is especially.

About a quarter of a mile North there is a bench by the River on the right side,  I've only walked a half mile up the Trail so far but intend to walk as far as the dam and the Public Library as soon as Winter is over.  Then  I will either arrange to be picked up to get back to my car or call a cab in order to accomplish this.  The sound of the River is especially prized because of the rapids along this stretch;  the only downside to the walk is the sound which emanates from the Swiss Miss plant on the East bank of the river,  but this is a reminder of the combination of beautiful environments and working environments in the region.   Enjoy the walk and please don't forget to add your favorite local or regional walk to the Wiki.  Thank you


Menomin Park

Menomin Park is located on the eastern side of Lake Menomin. There are many forested trails that can be used for walking or biking.

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Menomonie, located on what is now an island on the southeastern side of Lake Menomin. Although there are not formal walking trails, it is a great place for a relaxed stroll to view the lake and the historic graves.

Hoffman Hills

Hoffman Hills is a great place to go for a more strenuous hike. You can even hike up to the fire tower for a fabulous view of the entire region.