West Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency, Inc.

"The mission of West CAP is to take action against poverty by developing the social and economic assets of low-income families and their communities and by working to create a more just and sustainable society." 

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About the West CAP
- Future Plans
How to get Involved
-People at Work
Programs that are Offered



About the West CAP


West Cap is one of the 1,100 Community Action Agencies in the United States. These organizations were made possible by the Economic Opportunity Act, which was planned by President John F. Kennedy and passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The Economic Opportunity Act was made of anti-poverty programs that served as a catalyst for local planning and advocacy. West CAP covers seven counties in Wisconsin, including: Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix. The board is composed of equal thirds of democratically selected low-income members, representatives of country government, and representatives form community businesses and organizations. There is an office in Menomonie, WI that opened in 2000 and provides a small business incubator, flexible manufacturing facility for food entrepreneurs, a site for produce distribution to food pantries, and a market location for area farmers and artisans. 

Future Plans 

They don't have set plans for the future but would rather let them present themselves. One idea that come to light is creating a Food Hub, this would help getting food to more people that needs it. Their other project is making gardens at their housing sites, this can help getting more fresh food into the community. 

How to get involved 

How to donate

You can donate by sending a check to: West CAP Long-term Fund PO Box 308-525 2nd St. Glenwood City, WI 54013 or donate online here

You can ask them to give your money to seven different programs that they offer. 

People at Work

West CAP has been open for 50 years and there has been 3 directors, the current director, Peter Kilde, has been working there for the past 23 years. 

Many of the employees that have worked at West CAP and moved on came back because they liked working there. 

Peter Kilde

Programs that they offer

The first program  is the local food pantries and food assistance programs.  Money donated here would go to 27 community-based food panties, 4 shelter and a soup kitchen. They also partner up with areas churches, schools, businesses and community members to help raise funds for the pantry.  They also provide holiday gift certificates with help from their partners.

Another program is for senior citizen. West CAP distributes farmers' market vouchers for low-income seniors to use at certified farmers' markets. This allows seniors to get fresh food and produce easier, with little to no cost to them.  It also supports local farmers, keeping the money in the community.

In select areas they provide rental properties as well as a Community Housing Development Program that your money would help with. This program, HomeWorks, provides a long-term housing option that allows residents to build their personal assets using cooperative or mutual ownership of the property. They also partner up with other companies and organizations that share similar goals to help make the rental properties more affordable to many different groups of low income people.

The fourth program offered is called Weatherization.  This program helps to provide services to increase efficiency in peoples homes. Some of the services are energy audits, energy efficiency updates, and emergency furnace repair/replacement. This service is provided only in St. Croix and Pepin counties. WHEAP provides heating assistance, non-heat electric assistance, emergency services and furnace assistance for eligible households in these counties.

Adult Literacy allows individuals to improve their literacy skills for personal, educational and job related goals with a one-on-one tutor. This service is used mostly  by individuals with a learning disability or a learning English as their second language but it isn’t limited these groups. The tutors teach basic English language speaking, reading, writing , and basic math if it needed. This program helps individuals be able to communicate in everyday life and it also improves their chances at obtaining employment.

Adult Education/ Skills Enhancement provides a short term training that will help in job assistance. This is for not for individuals that are already in a 4 year degree program, but is taught at a tech school or a condensed training program. Tuition and other related educational expense, and school related transportation will be covered or reimburse, child care assistance will also be provided

The last program is Local Food Programs which includes the Menomonie farmers market. This market is year around, May- October it is held on Wednesday 11am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm at Wilson Park, during November-April  it is held on Saturdays 9am-1pm at the Raw Deal coffee shop.