The MacArthur Causeway is one of a number of large roads that connects Miami Beach with mainland Miami. It's the southern-most of these roads and is the one that's closest to downtown Miami.

The causeway has water on both sides of it. On the south side, you can see a lot of shipping cranes and oh my god about a million cruiseships all lined up in a row. Six massive cruiseships, all lined up one after another, give an impressive impression.

On the north side there are bridges that periodically branch off from the causeway to a number of man-made islands: Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island. The islands look like they're mostly private, with large houses that have their own piers with a yacht parked in front of each one. Some of the yards of these houses look like overgrown jungles with crazy mansions peeking out from among the palm trees.

The cruiseships. (by Jared)

Jungly yard with a house poking out through the trees and a yacht parked out front. This is Palm Island. (by Jared)

"Fishing fleet heading for gulf stream along MacArthur Causeway, Miami, Florida" postcard from sometime between 1930-1945. From the Boston Public Library.

There are a lot of busses that go fairly frequently across the Causeway, and they even go pretty late at night, making bus a good way to go between Miami Beach and Miami.