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Historic Preservation

Historic designation often carries a certain prestige that may improve the marketability of your property, increase property values, and secure financing that would not otherwise be available for an older building. The pride that often results in owning recognized historic structures creates neighborhoods that statistically have lower crime rates, higher public investments and cleaner streets and lots. All of this adds up to an increased quality of life. Additionally, the Historic Preservation Board and its staff can provide technical advice to property owners concerning appropriate design, construction methods and selection of materials.

Designations are meant to protect important historic resources, whether architectural or archaeological, against unnecessary demolition or destruction. Any physical changes to the exterior of a property must be reviewed and approved in advance by the historic preservation staff. This review process is designed to assist owners in developing appropriate plans and designs and inform them of any available benefits.

Ad-Valorem Tax Exemption


There is an Ad-Valorem tax exemption available to owners of designated properties who restore or make improvements to their buildings. And as historic preservation grants become available, onlythose properties that are already designated would be eligible. Our office is continually on the look-out for other avenues of financial assistance, such as state and federal grants, which we can then inform our historic property owners about.


Certificates of Appropriateness

Regular Certificates of Appropriateness can be approved by the staff. Special Certificates of Appropriateness require a Public Hearing in front of the Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Board. For your convenience, the Certificate forms are available here in Microsoft Word format for you to download:

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Download Code and Ordinance here.


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