The murals of Miami!

If there's a mural you know of that isn't already on this list, it is your duty to get out there, take a picture of it, and add it to the list :) To add it to the list, make a new page for it and tag it with 'murals' and it will show up here!

Pages tagged “mural”

Taking Photos

  • Enable Location Data on Photos - Here's how to on iOS and Android.
  • Take Full Mural Photos -  Get creative with angles and panoramic views!
  • Take Photo of Artist Tag/Name

Submitting Photos

  • Create a Page for the Mural - Does the art have a name? Can you title it with something descriptive?
  • Upload the Photo on Wiki
  • Input Artist Information - Tag, Artist Name, Artist Website - research for more work from the artist!
  • Create Map using Location Data - You can always open maps to take note of your location.
  • IMPORTANT: Tag page with "mural" - This ensures the page shows on the main project page.