Solus in an artist from Dublin, Ireland.

Bio from Artist's Website Solus Street Art

"In his early 20's with a troubled past, personal tragedy, triumphs and pain. Solus found himself depended on alcohol and drugs, his life was spiraling out of control, leaving him in a dark place. His older sister passed away, after a few attempts Solus finally decided enough was enough and began to change his ways, and get back on track he swapped his unhealthy lifestyle into something positive - creating art, using his life experiences as fuel for the intense images he paints, he hasn't looked back since.

Solus has gained notoriety not only for his work in Ireland, but also London, New York, Bristol, South Korea, Australia, Canada and Berlin and many more.

His work often depicts "a boy in a mans world" growing up too fast "trying" to fit in too society, or the underdog rising up against hard times, victorious against all odds.

His sense of humor, positive attitude and life struggles are recognizable throughout his powerful and meaningful work.

Solus's first solo exhibition (Mis Spent Youth) was in the Culture Box in Temple Bar, Dublin in 2011. He has went on to have sell out shows in Ireland and further afield.

Solus is a member of the Bushwick Collective a collective of International artists who paint Murals in Bushwick Brooklyn NYC.

His work has been featured on many global websites and publications including

Irish Independent - Irish Times - Evening Herald - Metro - ITV news - - New York Times - - - A visual Feast - input output - Planet Graffiti - Goblin Market and many more."

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