Creating a culture of health by promoting healthy lifestyles through eating, exercise and behavior choices is the name of the game for the Mingo County Diabetes Coalation and games are just one of the many ways MCDC works towards this goal. Through health education, garden and marketing projects and get active initiatives, the MCDC works with numerous partners to increase the health and wellness of Mingo County Residents with a specific focus on preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes. 

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History of Organization: Established in July 2011 as part of the Duke University funded  South Eastern Diabetes Initiative, MCDC promotes and implements healthy lifestyle programs to prevent and manage diabetes and create a healthier community. 

Programs and Projects: The Healthy in the Hills workshop series includes information on how to plant a garden, create rain barrels, and aquaponics for fish and plants. Other components of MCDC food projects to promote healthy eating habits are the Williamson Farmers Market, the Ramella Park Community Garden of Eatin', and  Healthy Cook-Offs. In 2011, the Lunch Walk Challenge pitted 13 businesses against each other to reach the West Coast by "traveling" to California from Williamson by walking as teams during lunch breaks. A national program since 2013, the challenge expanded when the Williamson Health and Wellness Center partnered with the Marin City Health and Wellness Center in California to "walk" across the map to each city. Expanding on the West Virginia University Hospital's Wellness program, Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days, the Hatfield and McCoy: Healthy Feud program gets residents of Mingo, Boone, McDowell and Logan counties in WV and Pike County in Kentucky up and moving for better health. The Tug River Valley Road Runners Club, another program of the MCDC holds monthly 5K races and Tuesday Night Track for runners of all skill levels. MCDC also holds Walk with Ease programs to help those with arthritis manage pain and incorporate walking into daily healthy habits. The diabetes coalition also holds several educational classes including Diabetes 101 conducted by certified Diabetes Educators, has a Diabetes Management Clinic Tuesdays and Thursdays through a partnership with Williamson Memorial Hospital and serves the county through community health workers to help patients of local health care providers manage uncontrolled diabetes. In conjunction with WVU Extension, MCDC also offers the Dining with Diabetes program at schools, churches, hospitals and vocational centers. Shopping Matters Tours helps residents make healthy food shopping choices on a budget and the coalition also offers the Help Yourself health self-management program through a partnership with the Marshall University Center for Rural Health. 

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