This bus route runs from City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One to Meadowvale Town Centre, via Bristol Road, Britannia Road, and Miller's Grove. This route mostly serves local needs; the 109 - Meadowvale Express travels between the two terminals in half as much time.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 18 minutes every 24 minutes every 30 minutes
Off-peak every 22 minutes every 23 minutes every 29 minutes
Evening every 27 minutes every 24 minutes none

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Major Intersections

Neighbourhoods this route goes through City Centre, Britannia, River Grove, Lisgar, Meadowvale


Route 10 was formed to partially replace a loop route, along with the 19C Hurontario (originally 67 Cantay) and 68 - Windsor Hill Loop. It once went through Streetsville instead of running up River Grove Avenue. The route saw two major changes in 2016: in April, it was extended east to Kennedy Road to replace the 65 - Barondale, then in October, it took on the Miller's Grove routing in Meadowvale from the 9 - Rathburn-Thomas while its former routing through Lisgar was given to a revised 46 - Tenth Line.

Mississauga Transit has a great feature on their site that allows you to enter your start & end point and it will give you directions to get there.

Bus Stops on the Route

10 - Bristol-Britannia (North) 10 - Bristol-Britannia (South)
- -