15 Drew is a bus route going through industrial areas along the north edge of the city between Cardiff Boulevard and Westwood Mall.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 25-30 minutes none none
Off-peak none none none
Evening every 35-40 minutes none none


Though it links two terminals, this route is only of local importance, and takes up to twice as long as the 42 - Derry.


Route 15 was created when route 42 Derry was taken off of local streets in the area. Until 2015, it extended west to the Hurontario and 407 Park and Ride via Derry, and until 2011, a single trip went as far west as Shoppers World; this was cancelled at the same time as route 19 - Hurontario was pulled out of Shoppers World. The current route mirrors a former midday variant running between Cardiff Boulevard and Westwood, which was cancelled because of low ridership.