This bus route runs from Islington Station to Ridgeway Drive. Route 1C Dundas–Collegeway services University of Toronto at Mississauga and ends at South Common.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 12 minutes every 13 minutes every 16 minutes
Off-peak every 19 minutes every 15 minutes every 30 minutes
Evening every 25 minutes every 23 minutes every 30 minutes

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Major Intersections

Neighbourhoods this route goes through Dixie, Cooksville, Erindale, Sheridan


The route 1 Dundas was Mississauga Transit's first route, in service since 1974. Then later on, Route 1C Dundas- Collegeway was introduced. 

Mississauga Transit has a great feature on their site that allows you to enter your start & end point and it will give you directions to get there.

Bus Stops on the Route

1 - Dundas (East) 1 - Dundas (West)
- -