26 Burnhamthorpe is a bus route running along Burnhamthorpe Road between South Common Centre and Islington Station. Two variants are operated: on weekdays, the route stays on Burnhamthorpe in the central section, while on weekends it detours north to serve the City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One. On weekdays, Square One is served by route 76 - City Centre-Subway instead.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 15 minutes every 20 minutes every 33 minutes
Off-peak every 21 minutes every 20 minutes none
Evening every 28 minutes every 33 minutes every 33 minutes


Though still crowded, especially on Sundays, the 26 Burnhamthorpe is becoming more of a local route with the 110 - University Express taking over much of the demand between Square One and South Common. On the eastern half, the 109 - Meadowvale Express is usually faster than the 26/76 for trips between Square One and Islington.


When the Burnhamthorpe bridge over the Credit River opened in 1979, the part of route 6 east of Square One was replaced by a new route called the 36 Burnhamthorpe East, and the part of Burnhamthorpe west of Square One was served using the new 26 Burnhamthorpe West. These two routes were later merged into today's route 26. In April 2016, weekday service to Square One was removed to reduce congestion at the terminal.