29 Park Royal-Homelands is a bus route running between Orr Road and the Erin Mills transitway station via Clarkson GO, Park Royal, Sheridan Centre, Sheridan Homelands and South Common Centre.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 25 to 30 minutes every 33 minutes every 49 minutes
Off-peak every 25 minutes every 33 minutes none
Evening every 32 to 41 minutes every 33 minutes none


This route was created in 2008 as part of a route reshuffling between South Common and Clarkson, which also saw route 48 - Erin Mills shortened, 110 - University Express created, and 13 - Glen Erin straightened to follow the old path of the 48.

Originally, the route travelled between Sheridan Centre and South Common via Erin Mills Parkway. The routing through the Sheridan Homelands was introduced first in 2011 on Sundays, in 2015 on Saturdays and in May 2016 on weekdays, just as route 31 - Folkway-Homelands was being cancelled for these periods. In May 2016, the route's northern end was changed to the Erin Mills transitway station, extended from South Common on weekends and shortened from Erin Mills Town Centre on weekdays. Through these changes, Sunday frequency has progressively  eroded, starting at 32 minutes in 2008, through 40 minutes in 2011, to the current 49.

Until April 2015, three southbound trips a day, signed 29A, took a longer loop through southern Clarkson, using Meadow Wood Road instead of Inverhouse Drive between Lakeshore Road and Orr Road. These were introduced in October 2009 as a partial replacement of the 37 - Clarkson Shuttle.