31 Folkway-Homelands is a former bus route that used to run from Sheridan Centre to South Common Centre through the Sheridan Homelands and then looping around Folkway Drive north of there.

Service at peak (2010)

  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 21 minutes every 30 minutes every hour
Off-peak every 30 minutes every 30 minutes every hour
Evening every 30 minutes every 30 minutes none


Route 31 was created in 2007 along with the cancellation of the 206 - Burnhamthorpe Express, the introduction of the 110 - University Express, and the redesign of the 26 - Burnhamthorpe and 13 - Glen Erin. Specifically, the 31 took over parts of what the 13 and 26B used to serve. In 2011, Sunday service on the 31 was cancelled and partially replaced by a rerouted 29 - Park Royal, which serves Homelands but not Folkway. The same happened in 2015 on Saturdays and in 2016 on weekdays, spelling the end of this route and of service to Folkway in general.