46 Tenth Line-Osprey is a bus route running from Erin Mills transitway station to Meadowvale Town Centre using Tenth Line and Osprey Boulevard.


  Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 20 minutes every 23 minutes every 35 minutes
Off-peak every 24 minutes every 23 minutes none
Evening every 33 minutes every 22 minutes none


Route 46 was created in May 2008 to connect Churchill Meadows to the Erin Mills Town Centre when the usual routes 41 - Thomas and 49 - McDowell are diverted to Streetsville, and to provide a faster alternative to the 32 - Lisgar GO for those living along Tenth Line. In October 2016, it was removed from Lisgar GO and Tenth Line north of Britannia and rerouted through central Lisgar to replace the western end of route 10 - Bristol-Britannia, leaving Route 32 as the only connection between Lisgar and its GO station. At the same time, it was extended east from Erin Mills Town Centre to the transitway station, as a replacement for part of the 109 - Meadowvale Express.