76 City Centre - Subway is a bus route running from the City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One to Islington Station along Burnhamthorpe Road East.


The route runs on weekdays from around 5 AM to 9 PM. Buses depart every 21 minutes during the midday and every 15 minutes at other times. On weekends, the 26 Burnhamthorpe serves a similar area.


The route was created in late 2007 as part of an overhaul of service on Burnhamthorpe and to UTM. Routes 206 Burnhamthorpe Express and 24 University were cancelled, and the 76 was created to serve the part of the 206 that wouldn't be replaced by the 110 University Express. Express service was cancelled in favour of more frequent local service.

In April 2016, as the 26 was removed from Square One on weekdays, midday and early evening service was added to the 76 to compensate.