This bus route runs from City Centre Transit Terminal at Square One to Pearson Airport and on to Westwood Mall.


Weekday Saturday Sunday
Peak every 20 minutes every 30 minutes every 40 minutes
Off-peak every 25 minutes every hour every 38 minutes
Evening every 33 minutes every hour none

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Major Intersections

Neighbourhoods this route goes through City Centre, Britannia, Airport Corporate Centre, Malton


This route, created in the late 1970s, was the first one connecting Malton with the rest of Mississauga; before, only TTC routes from Toronto served Malton. The basic route has stayed the same since its creation. Minor changes have been made with the development of the Airport Corporate Centre, and more recently in preparation for the BRT.

Mississauga Transit has a great feature on their site that allows you to enter your start & end point and it will give you directions to get there.

Bus Stops on the Route

7 - Airport (North) 7 - Airport (South)
- -