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  • This museum is located in Clarkson
  • A 160-year-old estate restored to the elegance of the early 20th century.

Benares House, located on the border between Clarkson and the neighbouring community of Lorne Park, was built in 1857 (restored in 1995) and inhabited by four generations of the Harris and Sayers families. Rumored to be the inspiration for Canadian author Mazo de la Roche's famous "Whiteoak Chronicles" (or "Jalna series") novels, the Benares estate and most of its contents were donated to the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1968 by the great-grandchildren of Captain Harris. The site was fully restored and opened to the public in 1995. Benares now houses an interpretive gallery and hosts special events including monthly screenings of Hollywood classics, including the 1935 movie "Jalna" based on the first novel in Mazo de la Roche's popular series. Within the Clarkson/Lorne Park community, there are numerous streets dedicated to Ms. Roche, namely Jalna Avenue and Mazo Crescent, located in Lorne Park, and Clarkson, respectively.