Burnhamthorpe Road is a suburban arterial spanning the whole city. It is one Old Survey concession north of Dundas Street.

Burnhamthorpe Road West


  • From Hurontario Street to Confederation Parkway, it faces greenfields and parking lots just waiting to be developed into storefronts. Oh, and there's also the Central Library and the YMCA.
  • From Confederation Parkway to the GO underpass, the north side faces residential areas and the south side faces strip malls.
  • Between the GO underpass and Glen Erin Drive, the scenery alternates between forest and residential areas.
  • West of Glen Erin Drive, it has residential areas on both sides.


  • In the city centre area, there is a conventional sidewalk on both sides, but there aren't many places to go on that stretch. This opens up the sidewalks for all those illegal sidewalk cyclists.
  • Just west of Confederation Parkway, the northern sidewalk widens into a modally separated multi-use trail and a mid-block walkway branches off to Wallenberg Crescent. Connections to residential areas are about 220 m apart from here to Mavis Road. The strip malls aren't particularly welcoming to pedestrians.
  • From Mavis Road to the GO underpass, there are no mid-block walkways. The multi-use trail continues, but pedestrians away from the GO station are rare.
  • From The Credit Woodlands to Promontory Drive/Court, a distance of 800 m, there are no connecting walkways. As of November 2009, the bridge over the Credit River is under construction. The north sidewalk is closed and traffic is restricted to two lanes, making this section even more unpleasant. In a few months, the 3 m wide north sidewalk with observation points, to be shared between pedestrians and cyclists, will open.
  • From Promontory Drive/Crescent to Erin Mills Parkway, the northern multi-use trail narrows into a sidewalk and the southern sidewalk practically disappears at two creek crossings. There is spotty access to nearby culs-de-sac.
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Automotive lane configurations

  • 6 lanes without median from Hurontario Street to the GO underpass, with pay parking on the north side near the Central Library
  • 4 lanes with a median from the GO underpass to Erin Mills Parkway
  • 4 to 5 lanes west of Erin Mills Parkway

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