Dundas Street is an arterial that cuts horizontally through Mississauga. It passes through the neighbourhoods of Dixie, Cooksville, Erindale, Sheridan Park, and Sheridan Homelands. It is one of the first roads ever established in Mississauga, predating Hurontario Street.

From the west, it first enters the Dixie commercial area, with five lanes plus two HOV. There is not much of interest at first, but closer to Dixie Road, there are some mixed retail and office developments that are well ahead of their time, with actual street frontages.

At Dixie Road, there is a large strip mall, with Price Chopper, Value Village, and others, that Mississauga Plan will see redeveloped at higher densities. The HOV lanes become general lanes just west of Dixie Road.

West of Blundell Road, it enters the more village-like part of Dixie, and passes by the Mississauga Chinese Centre. At Cedar Creek Drive, it abruptly turns into a highway-style road, passing over Cawthra Road, and loses its sidewalks at the ramp to Cawthra. It then leaves Dixie by a bridge over the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Within Cooksville, Dundas is a narrow (by Mississauga standards) main street, with a mix of historical buildings, strip malls, recent developments, and brownfields. This section is always bustling with pedestrians. West of Confederation Parkway, it widens to six lanes, and has newly-built row houses on the north side and various decades of sprawl on the south side.

At Erindale Station Road, it enters Erindale, a well-preserved village whose core has changed little since its heyday. At The Credit Woodlands, it narrows to four lanes, and goes through the old village before crossing the Credit River.

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