Main Entrance
leave address in parentheses , at cross street
Serves Which Line(s)
Go Train route(s)
Connecting Mississauga Transit Busses
1 - Dundas
3 - Bloor
11 - Westwood
17 - Timberlea
27 - Matheson
Need Transfer to Connect
Yes or if you're going on the TTC you'll need to pay another fare.
Elevator(s) Currently in Service
Commuter Parking / Kiss & Ride
Yes, Yes
Bike Racks


No - but across the street is the Sunlife Financial Centre where can use their bathrooms if you really have to go.
Shopping Inside the Station

Islington Subway located in Toronto serves as a major transit hub for people using public transit. There are a number of bus routes at the station you can take to get you to or from Mississauga. To access the Mississauga Transit busses you can either be inside the Islington Subway and go to the bus platforms (if you're already on the TTC ) or you can wait at bus stop right outside the station. Its a good idea to signal the bus driver with a wave, if you're waiting at the stop.

Islington Subway is one of several transit terminals that serves Mississauga.

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