Location Lorne Park is located east of Clarkson, south of Erindale, west of Port Credit and the Credit River, and north of Lake Ontario.

The major roads in Lorne Park are Lakeshore Road and Lorne Park Road. The QEW is the northern border of the neighbourhood.


Lorne Park, now considered a suburban residential neighbourhood in southwestern Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, first started as an exclusive resort. This 75 acre "pleasure grounds," operated by the Toronto Park Association, included separate parlours for men and women, bowling lanes and merry-go-rounds. Travel to the resort from Toronto was often by steamer. After a series of bankruptcies, the resort lands were sold to cottagers. With access of the QEW highway, suburbanization of the original lands and surrounding area ensued in the post WWII period. (Brown, 1997 Toronto's Lost Villages)

The local rate payer group is the Whiteoaks Lorne Park Community Association. Their website is www.wlpca.ca http://www.wlpca.ca

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