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Meadowvale is a community located in the northwestern part of Mississauga .

The rough boundaries of Meadowvale are: Western boundary Tenth Line, Eastern boundary Mississauga Road, Northern boundary Highway 401, Southern boundary Britannia Road. Meadowvale is named after Meadowvale Village, a former village at the intersection of Old Derry Road and Second Line West.

There are three smaller residential neighbourhoods within Meadowvale:

The community is situated near the Credit River which lies to the east. Pine forests including other types of trees are along the Credit Valley which covers most of the central part of the subdivision. Another creek named Levi Creek runs to the south and southwest and is a tributary of the Credit lying to the south.

Meadowvale has two bodies of water, Lake Aquitaine and Lake Wabukayne, both of which were largely man-made. A system of parks and trails connects the two lakes, which are located about 1.5 kilometres apart

The Highway 407 bypasses Meadowvale, before continuing south to Oakville, or east along the top of Mississauga to Toronto.

Major Roads that connect Meadowvale to the rest of Mississauga:

Major north-south roads

Major east-west roads

Meadowvale GO Station serves as a hub for GO Transit operations. It is an intersection point for GO Transit in the north west of the GTA. The station is serviced by one rail/bus line and 3 bus lines. The station offers express hourly service to the two largest transit hubs in the GTA, York University and Union Station.

  • The station is located along the Milton Line rail line, which offers rush hour train service to and from downtown. Bus service is provided during non-rush hour periods, including express to downtown Toronto.
  • York University Express along Highway 407. With some service via Bramalea GO Station.
  • Milton 401 service - Milton via Meadowvale to Yorkdale and Finch Terminal.
  • University of Guelph Service to York University via Meadowvale and Bramalea GO station.

GO Transit buses arriving from Milton, pass by Meadowvale Town Centre on their way to Meadowvale GO Station.

Mississauga Transit offers a shuttle bus service to and from Meadowvale GO Station during rush hour.

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